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Local Raw Honey and Beeswax Products

from Horseshoe Valley, Oro-Medonte, Ontario

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Homestead Bakery (Barrie)

Nicholyn Farms (Phelpston)

Mariposa Markets (Orillia)

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Observational Hive

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Kevin Beamish

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My beekeeping experience started in 2005 as an educational tool when my wife and I were homeschooling our children.  I built an observational hive so that they could see the bees at work to help them understand how a beehive worked.  The more we taught them the more I came to realize the importance of bees for life here on earth.   I was hooked!!

My goal is to take great care of my own hives as naturally as possible. I extract the honey manually (yes, spinning the frames by hand) gravity straining the bee bits out and into jars within 48 hours. This method preserves all the great stuff that is in honey. I don't buy honey from any other honey producers. All the honey I sell is from my own hives, so there is a limited supply. Basically this is honey from the hive to the jar with minimal intervention. 

Just a lot of manual labour!


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