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Get The Facts About Unpasteurized Unfiltered Raw Honey

Honey is a delicious, natural source of sweetness that adds flavor to a variety of foods and beverages. If you’re looking for local raw honey, we offer a wide array of options to choose from. Read on to learn a few key facts about unpasteurized unfiltered raw honey and what makes it so different from traditional honey and other products.

  • True unpasteurized, unfiltered raw honey is completely real and natural. There are no fillers or additives in these products unlike some forms of honey you might find at your local grocery store or mass retailers.

  • Local raw honey is gathered by real beekeepers who ensure that the honey’s natural qualities are preserved throughout the entire production process. The beekeepers take good care of their bees to ensure that they flourish in their natural environment.

  • Real unfiltered raw honey is never pasteurized. If you see honey that has the word pasteurized on the label, it means that it was heated at high temperatures to make it easier to package and put into bottles. However, the pasteurization process can kill beneficial nutrients that are naturally found in honey including enzymes and vitamins.

  • There are no hidden or harmful ingredients in local raw honey. It is honey in its true natural form.

  • Our honey is packed with valuable enzymes, nutrients, and healthy antioxidants. There is also no processed sugar that can cause blood glucose levels to spike and crash. Only raw honey contains these nutrients since they’re preserved by eliminating the pasteurization process.

  • Raw honey is always strained and never filtered to ensure the highest quality possible. It also contains some pollen, which may potentially help people dealing with seasonal allergies. The type of pollen in your honey determines where the flowers are from including their specific region so you always know the exact source of your honey.

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