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About Our Local Beeswax Products

If you’re looking for pure and natural local beeswax products, be sure to shop the selection at Beamish Honey today. We offer a range of beautiful products including beeswax ornaments, beeswax candles, and more. Our beeswax products are 100 percent pure and handcrafted here in beautiful Horseshoe Valley, Ontario. Whether you’re looking for a beautiful gift to give to someone you love, or you want to add more beeswax products to your collection, you’ll find a range of amazing items here at our store.

Our beeswax ornaments are made using real pressed flowers right from the garden and the woodland areas in Horseshoe Valley. You can hang them anywhere you like including in a closet, pantry, on the wall, or even on your Christmas tree. The ornaments are three inches in diameter and emit a lovely, subtle scent of beeswax. Choose from several flowers and designs to add a beautiful touch to any room of your home.

Our beeswax candles are also made using 100 percent pure beeswax. You can use these beeswax candles to enjoy the wonderful scents and benefits of warm wax. Every one of our beeswax products is locally sourced right here from the hives in Horseshoe Valley. The wax produces a pleasant, soft aroma that can add a soothing touch to your bathroom or any other area of the home. Whether you’re looking for candles or molded ornaments, you’ll love our beeswax products and honey. Visit our website often to discover something new. The honey is extracted manually and is the purest form of honey available without the use of preservatives or fillers. Shop our online store and pick up in Horseshoe Valley, Ontario, or contact us directly to have beeswax products shipped right to your door.

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