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Beamish Honey, The Purest

Every honey lover that lives in or around Oro-Medonte, Ontario has access to the purest honey available. This honey comes straight from the hive. It's never bought from another supplier. You can always count on it to be some of the best. There is no filtering of this honey, it's raw honey. It's great with so many things, like coffee, tea and you can use it in recipes as well.

Honey offers antioxidants, antibacterial agents and it works great as an inflammatory. Heart health and wound healing can also improve with the use of honey. Honey is not as sweet as sugar, which means you can use less to get that sweetness you love. The healthiest honey is raw unprocessed honey, which is what Beamish Honey is all about. There are some really great things in honey, such as zinc, calcium, potassium and so much more that make it a benefit for everyone.

Beamish Honey doesn't just offer jarred honey. You can also get great items such as wax melts, candles and wax ornaments. Creamed honey is also available. You can use the creamed honey as a sweetener in drinks, you can use it in recipes and you can even spread it on toast or biscuits. You're going to love how yummy it is.

Raw unfiltered wildflower honey is available in a variety of sizes. You'll be able to choose the size that is just right for your needs. You can even stock up on your honey if you choose, since it can be seasonal. Honey will form crystals over time, but all you have to do is simply place it in warm water and the crystals will dissolve and become liquid honey again. Your honey is never going to go bad before you use it.

The beeswax ornaments offer a lovely honey smell that will create a nice aroma in any room you display it in. You'll love the way they look. Wildflowers are used to add some detail and depth to each one, creating a piece of decor that is so awesome. These make great gifts also. Pure beeswax is used to create the ornaments, making them an awesome natural gift that anyone will love.

Gift yourself and those that you love with a very special gift that is not only healthy but that also tastes great. People are going to love that you thought of them when buying such a great gift. Honey is a gift that they can enjoy in the mornings with their tea or coffee or that they can cook with to create some delicious recipes.

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