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Five Health Benefits of Raw Honey

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

Raw honey is much more healthy for you than the fake, man-made version. At Beamish Honey, raw honey is extracted directly from the honeycomb of the bees they have on hand to make the honey. No chemicals are added to Beamish Honey and listed below are four health benefits you can obtain by using raw honey in your recipes and drinks.

A Weighty Issue

Many studies have been conducted that link the consumption of raw honey to weight loss as well as healthy weight management. You can replace sugar in many recipes with honey which can help keep those extra pounds away while also lowering your blood sugar levels. Raw honey can also activate hormones in your body that will Curb Your appetite.

Ward Off the Pollen

Raw honey contains bee pollen. It actually wards off the unhealthy pollen and other allergens in the air as well as infections. Raw honey can boost your body's overall immunity level and provides natural allergy relief if you are suffering from allergy-related symptoms since it can desensitize you to the fauna that causes allergic reactions. People even opt to ingest a daily tablespoon of raw honey because it acts similar to an allergy shot. It has to be raw honey and not pasteurized though for it to contain the all-important bee pollen that you need

Boost Your Energy Level

Raw honey is a great way to boost your body's natural energy level because it contains natural sugars along with water and important minerals and vitamins. It also contains bee pollen which can enhance the energy-boosting levels of raw honey. Raw honey has been dubbed the perfect running fuel for these reasons. Since raw honey provides a supply of energy in the form of liver glycogen that is easily absorbed in the body, it makes it ideal to use as an energy source to start your day with. Raw honey is a great thing to ingest right before you workout in the morning, and you can even add it to your pre-workout foods or drinks.

Powerful Antioxidant

Many research studies have shown that raw honey is a very powerful antioxidant for your body in a daily dose. It can help block free radicals in your body that could cause you to have diseases. It also boosts your immune system which is always an added bonus as well as helping to ward off heart disease and cancer.

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