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Leave the Leaves ----Supporting Native Pollinators

April 13, 2023 Bees collecting pollen and nectar from flowers growing in our neighbours lawn.

Keeping our gardens and lawns undisturbed until the end of May will help protect bees and other beneficial insects that may be staying there.

As humans, we are impatient and want to clean up the yard and garden. However, we should take our cues from nature and wait. Before summer arrives there will be more cold days and probably some hard frost. Leaving the leaves and sticks alone is important because a lot of pollinators overwinter in those piles of leaves and garden debris.

This spring you may consider adopting the policy of “No Mow May”. The theory behind it is to leave your lawn alone in May. This allows early spring flowers to bloom in your lawn. Honey bees and all native pollinators are hungry and in search of pollen and nectar, these flowers blooming in your lawn are an important source of food for them.

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