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What is Raw Honey

Raw honey comes directly from the hive and there is minimal processing. In its truest sense raw honey is honey taken directly from the honeycomb, untouched by human hands. This type of honey can also be called raw unfiltered honey.

Raw Honey contains flecks of pollen, royal jelly, propolis and small particles of wax suspended in a viscous honey liquid; and is not adulterated by the addition of other ingredients or substances, or the removal of components beneficial to people.

The minimal processing of raw honey ensures that it still contains the valuable properties of natural bee honey. This includes all the health benefits of this delicious, nutritious food created by nature. When a recipe calls for raw honey this is the type of honey they are recommending.

At Beamish Honey, our raw honey has minimal processing with honey taken directly from our hives, gently strained to remove debris. 

Minimal processing does not change the natural composition of the honey. It maintains all the natural health benefits and nutritional value. It also maintains the delicious taste, the wonderful aroma and texture that only comes with 100% natural, pure raw honey.

Raw honey will start to cloud and crystalise gaining a more granular texture which many people prefer; however it won’t change the flavour or nutritional value.

If you prefer your honey in its liquid, runny state, simply set your jar of honey in a pan filled with warm water and slowly warm the honey to its liquid state.

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